AIDA Self Cleaning

AIDA Self Cleaning is an excellent quality emulsion paint for exterior walls. With advance technology that allows the wall to self clean itself from dirt, thus leaving your exterior walls beautiful for a longer period of time. It is high performance and has lasting durability under severe weathering conditions. It has excellent water resistance, self cleaning technology, excellent washability, superior dirt pick up resistance, excellent algae and fungus resistance, good adhesion and alkaline resistance. It has low VOC and is APEO and Formaldehyde free product.

  • Self cleaning
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent washability 
  • Superior dirt pick up resistance
  • Excellent algae & fungus resistance


Specially formulated for protection and decoration of exterior masonry and renderings, unpainted and previously painted surfaces such as plaster wall, cement, gypsum board, brickwork, hard and soft boards and on appropriately primed wood surfaces.


Vehicle Type                     : Acrylic emulsion

Pigmentation                     : Weather resistant pigments, mineral extenders and combined with effective non-mercurial algae and fungi control additives.

Solvent                                      : Water

Density (kg/litre)                : 1.20 ~ 1.40

Volume Solid                     : Approximately 50%

Chemical Resistance            : Has limited chemical resistance

VOC Content                     : < 4 g/Lit

Drying Time at (27 ± 2°C & RH : 80 ± 5%)        

: Touch Dry     ≤ 20 minutes

                                      : Hard Dry       ≤ 1 hour

Dry Film Thickness             : 25 ~ 30 microns per coat

Recoating Interval              : 2 hours (minimum)

Theoretical Coverage          : 10 ~ 12 m²/litre

Colours                            : Varies. As per colour card

Gloss at (60° head)             : N/A

Finish                               : Sheen

Shelf Life                          : 24 months at 27 ± 2°C in full sealed containers

Storage Condition               : Air tight, store in dry and cool condition

Packing                            : 1 litre, 5 litres & 15 litres

Application Temperature      : 5°C to 40°C


Ready for use after thoroughly stirring. However, if thinning is required, not more than 5% of water may be added for the first coat. For best result, thinning is not recommended for the subsequent coats.


By brush, roller or spray.