Elasticseal 2 IN 1 is a water-based acrylic polymer elastomeric waterproofing membrane. It is specially formulated as a primer and/or finish coat performance with excellent water, alkaline and efflorescence resistance. It also provides good adhesion property to seal the hairline crack in order to prevent water penetration into the substrate.


It can be used as a primer and/or finish coat for new and old building surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, cement, asbestos, etc.


Excellent water resistance. Seal hairline crack. Alkaline and efflorescence resistance. Interior & exterior use.




Dry Film Thickness: 60 ~ 80 µm

Drying Time:

  • Touch dry:  ≤ 20 minutes 
  • Hard dry:  ≤ 1 hour

Recoating interval: ≥ 2-3 hours

Theoretical Coverage: 7-9m2/litre, 6-8m2/kg No. of coats: 2 coat


 New Masonry Surface It is crucial that ample time is allowed for the concrete/plaster surfaces to dry out. High moisture content is a common cause of premature paint failures, such as blistering, discolouration, etc. As concrete/plaster are alkaline in nature together with the presence of salts and moisture which may cause paint systems to fail prematurely. Masonry surfaces must be reasonably dry and free from oil/grease and other contaminants before Seamaster 8605 Elasticseal 2 IN 1 is applied.

  • Old / Unpainted Masonry Surface Surface must be dry and free from any structural damages. Wash the surface to remove any mould, stains, debris and powder by using a high-pressure water jet.
  • Previously Painted Surface For poor paintwork which is powdery, chalky and poor in adhesion, it is crucial to remove the old paintwork by scraping or by brushing with a stiff bristle brush before the full painting system is applied.


Brush, Roller or Spray.


Ready for use after thorough stirring. For best results, thinning is not recommended. If thinning is required, not more than 10% of water may be added.