AIDA Exterior Wall Sealer

AIDA Exterior Wall Sealer is a high penetrative water based acrylic primer/sealer formulated to provide excellent adhesion for the finishing coat paint. It has excellent water resistance, excellent alkaline and efflorescence resistance. It is used as a sealer for new and old buildings and it provides a good surface for the painting of subsequent coats. It is odourless, has low VOC and is APEO and Formaldehyde free product.


It is use as a primer for new and old building surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, cement, asbestos, etc.


Vehicle Type                     : Acrylic Emulsion

Pigmentation                     : Mineral extenders, pigments and additives

Solvent                                      : Water

Density (kg/litre)                : 1.20 ~ 1.30

Volume Solid                     : Approximately 40%

Chemical Resistance            : N/A

VOC Content                     : N/A

Drying Time at (27 ± 2°C & RH: 80 ± 5%)

: Touch Dry     ≤ 20 minutes

                                       : Hard Dry       ≤ 1 hour

Dry Film Thickness              : 15 ~ 25 microns per coat         

Recoating Interval               : ≥ 2 hours

Theoretical Coverage           : 10 ~ 12 m²/litre

Colours                             : White

Gloss at (60° head)            : Low Sheen

Shelf Life                          : 24 months at 27 ± 2°C in full sealed containers

Storage Condition               : Air tight, store in dry and cool condition  

Packing                            : 5 litre & 15 litres

Application Temperature      : 5°C to 40°C


Ready for use after thoroughly stirring. However, if thinning is required, not more than 5% of water may be added for the first coat. For best result, thinning is not recommended for the subsequent coats.


By brush, roller or spray.