On 2nd November 2018, Seamaster Paint hosted the Customer Conference 2018 with the theme “Thanksgiving Night” at White Palace in order to thank all of customers for their cooperation during the past year and officially introduced to customers two new products to meet the customers' requirements.

Over 20 years of establishment and development, Seamaster Paint promises to accomplish our mission of producing high quality products and affordable. On 2nd November, Seamaster Paint hosted the Customer Conference 2018 with the attendance of nearly 300 guests to introduce to customers, partners about new products with advanced technology from Singapore


Following the success of Weathercare high performance wall coating, Seamaster Paint launches completely new product with advanced technology from Singapore. This is Weathercare Supreme high performance wall coating which optimally protect against extreme weathering conditions regarding excellent colour fastness properties, color fastness over time.

Weathercare Supreme is the most prominent product range that Seamaster Paint would like to introduces to consumers about maximum protection lasting beauty for buildings 10 years protection for exterior use, twice as time as original Weathercare Excel to ensuring high quality and cost savings for your projects.

Furthermore, Weathercare Supreme is also considered to be an excellent waterproofing product from the outside. Sustainable film coating against harm caused by water, fungus and moulds, paint peeling, anti-carbonation, chalking resistance and maintain the cleanliness and beauty for a long time, protecting the surface structure of the building.

The next product, Seamaster Paint launches Seamaster Fireguard Paint, which is fire retardant paint environmentally friendly. Particularly, Seamaster Fireguard has been certified by Fire and Rescue Police Department as well as Test report of SGS.

Regarding special formula, Fireguard is withstand up to 10000C for interior and exterior, protect steel structures like airport terminal building, shopping centers, sport center, power plant, theatres and office buildings, excellent fire retardant performance. This is an ideal way to combine an attractive architectural appearance with fire safety, for surface of metal resist up to 120 minutes and wood resist up to 90 minutes to make your living environment safer.

Seamaster VN Paint Co., Ltd. would like to continue to receive the enthusiastic and enthusiastic support of customers to be able to be success, breakthrough, sustainable development, successful breakthrough.