ACRYSEAL Water Based Wall Sealer Interior

Acryseal Water Based Wall Sealer Interior is a water-based acrylic primer sealer, specially formulated to withstand alkali attack, efflorescence disruption. It is used as a primer for new and old building surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, cement, asbestos and etc.


For walls and ceilings such as plastered walls, soft board, fibre boards & gypsum board.


Water resistance, High permeability, Cover the small cracks, High adhesion for finishing, Anti-mould, Provide good adhesion for finishing coat, Fungus resistance,  Good penetrate power.


Ingredients: Acrylic Water Supplement

Colour Structure: Mainly Titanium Dioxide and mineral extenders

Solvent: Water

Density (kg / liter): 1.00 – 1.30 ( depends on colour)

Solid Composition: About 32%

Drying time (temperature 27 ± 2oC and relative humidity 80 ± 5%))

  • Touch dry: ≤ 20 minutes
  • Hard dry: ≤ 2 hour

Recommended dry film thickness: 25 - 30 microns

Waiting time between 2 coats: ≥ 3 hours

Theoretical coverage: 10.6– 12.8 mper litre

Gloss (at 85o head): Sheen

Colour: White

Storage: Keep in a dry and cool place

Application temperature: from 5oC - 40oC


Inorganic (20%); Acrylic Polymer (50%); Water and glycol solution (25%); other substances (5%).


The paint is prepared for immediate use. It is best not to add water.

The surface should be clean, no oil, grease, impurities.

Spray the water hard to remove excess paint, dust, dirt, algae or mould

Keep out of reach of children.


Use a brush, roller or spray gun.