ECOLITE Easy to Clean

Ecolite Easy to Clean is a premium grade water-based paint, with no special formulation for lead, chrome and mercury so no harm to the environment. The paint is still fresh after many items of washing.


For interior, wall and ceiling such as mortar wall, soft board, fiberboard and plaster.


Environmental friendliness, Safe for children, Easily scrub and withstand abrasion, Low VOC concentration, Against colour change, Lotus leaf effect, Excellent durability, cleanable, Anti-yellowing


Ingredients: pure acrylic

Coloured structures: Alkali resistant substances, pale pigments for enhanced colour fastness and inorganic base colours in combination with non-mercury additives that work against algae and mould.

Solvent: Water

Density (kg / liter): 1.20 - 1.40

Solid Composition: About 38%

Drying time (temperature 27 ± 2oC and relative humidity 80 ± 5%))

  •   Surface dry: ≤ 20 minutes
  •   Surface dry: ≤ 1 hour

Dry Film Thickness Recommended: 30 -40 microns

Waiting time between coatings: 3 hours

Theoretical coverage: 10 - 12 m2 / liter

Shade (look at 85o stand): Ball

Colour: Refer to Ecolite EasyClean palette and Palette Fandeck palette.

Storage: Keep in dry and cool place

Application temperature: from 5oC - 40oC


Inorganic (35%); Acrylic Polymer (30%); water and glycol solution (30%); other substances (5%).


The paint is prepared for immediate use. However, if necessary, can add 20% fresh water for the first coat. In order to have a nice surface, paint should not add water.

1. The surface should be clean, dry, free from grease, oil, grease, paint or peeling.

2. Spray water to remove excess paint, dust, dirt, algae or mould.

For new painted or wall surfaces, a Seamaster Acryseal interior primer and two Ecolite Easy to Clean coatings are required.

4. Keep out of the reach of children


Use a brush, roller or spray gun