AIDA paint - a new brand of Seamaster officially launched into Vietnam market with a series of new products with superior quality, serving a variety of coating needs for consumers with high economic efficiency.

The launch of AIDA Paint product line brings a variety of colours and textures, marking a comprehensive development of the paint brand Seamaster Group (Singapore) and Seamaster Paint Vietnam. And this will also be one of the paint brands trusted by contractors, investors, architects and consumers in the domestic and foreign market.

AIDA Paint's first series of products includes a range of paints with rich colours, good quality, odourless, low VOC concentration, no APEO and Formaldehyde, meet the needs of consumers such as exterior paints are AIDA Color Guard, AIDA Self Cleaning; interior paints are AIDA Fight Mold, AIDA Easy To Clean and two primers such as AIDA Exterior Wall Sealer, AIDA Interior Wall Sealer.

With exterior paints, AIDA Paint offers two options for consumers, namely AIDA Color Guard and AIDA Self Cleaning. With superior paint technology, AIDA Color Guard helps paint film to be durable, clean and beautiful in the face of inclement weather, making the wall as new as the first day. As for AIDA Self Cleaning, which has breakthrough technology from Singapore, helps to self-clean the wall surface, maximizing the ability to protect the paint film's surface from the effects of the humid tropical environment in Vietnam.

Regarding interior paints, AIDA Fight Mold and AIDA Easy To Clean are designed specifically, bringing outstanding features of the domestic paint line. With AIDA Fight Mold, this paint has antimicrobial properties, protects the wall surface from algae & mold attacks, helps the walls of the house remain new and more hygienic, giving the family clean living space. Besides, AIDA Paint gives you another option, with AIDA Easy To Clean, the stains on the paint surface will be easily cleaned, anti-sticking and prevent stains from penetrating the wall surface, does not affect the colour of the paint film.

And in the products launched this time, AIDA primers are specially designed to optimize the features of the paint line, playing an important role with the optimal support functions for the coating. AIDA Exterior Wall Sealer and AIDA Interior Wall Sealer with an alkaline resistant, create high adhesion and enhance the smoothness of the surface, thereby avoiding the colour of paint varnish, peeling or uneven paint surface.

In addition to the advantages of quality and cost price, AIDA Paint is expected to be a premium paint line that will win the trust and satisfaction of customers in the future. We hope to always receive the support of our customers for AIDA and Seamaster Paint.